Monday, December 15, 2008

MG 1/100 ∞ Justice Gundam

Finally i've finished the latest MG model... bought from hong kong...again =]

ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice (∞ Justice)is an advanced mobile suit secretly built by Terminal, under the guidance of the Clyne Faction, and is based on the earlier ZGMF-X09A Justice. It utilizes the new Ultracompact Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor, a new engine design and advanced weaponry that give it several times the combat ability of the original Justice.

Lighter Version

Flight mode

Composite shield (MX2002 beam shield)
It can yield its shield in vertical position, although it is rather difficult to clip its palm on the handle.

MR-Q15A "Griffon"leg beam blade
MG provides 3 beams for this pose, and the sockets can be altered to suit different positions, as compared to 1/100 version.

RQM55 "Shining Edge" beam boomerang/saber

EEQ8 "Grappling Stinger" extensional arrestor
The shield can be shifted so that the grappler can be taken out easily, something simple that MG had improved to the shield mechanics.

MA-M1911 high-energy beam rifle
MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" beam sabers
One of the coolest thing abt this kit is in the very few stickers that need to be used, and finally the beam rifle, shield and sabers need no irritating stickers at all! :)

Fatum-01 backpack/subflight lifter (MA-6J "Hyper Fortis" beam cannon, MR-Q15X "Griffon " beam blades)
Finally, as what ngee khiong had said be4, the Fatum-1 is undoubtedly the main attraction of the kit, extremely detailed and need no stickers too(actually the stickers are only on the head, the lighting part).


The weirdest stance ever, like the arrester, this move is nvr shown in the anime at all..

Negative side: a lot of joints are quite shaky, making it a lot less sturdy as Strike freedom or Destiny, unfortunately. especially the shoulder joint, if you've realised, its replaced by the shoulder joint of MG Freedom..


Michael said...

i like the design of justice gundam but the colour...it seems...a bit off compared to the anime...or is it just me?

Joel said...

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